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The sea pineapple (halocynthia roretzi) is an edible ascidian consumed primarily in korea, where it is known as meongge (), and to a lesser extent in japan, where it is known as hoya () or maboya (). Sea pineapples are known for both their peculiar appearance, described by journalist nick tosches as something that could exist only in a purely hallucinatory eco-system.   korean street food - sea pineapple seoul korea seafood travel thirsty. Various seafood sashimispoon wormsquidsea squirtsea cucumberabalonekorean street food - duration 1750. Sea squirts unpopularity at such a venue indicated to me that it is indeed an odd food. The sea squirt ascidian, or halocynthia, is a marine invertebrate filter feeder that preys on plankton in cool, shallow water. This hermaphroditic critter is eaten all over the world, but mainly in japan (as sea pineapple), korea, chile, parts of. Ascidiacea (commonly known as the ascidians or sea squirts) is a paraphyletic class in the subphylum tunicata of sac-like marine invertebrate filter feeders. Ascidians are characterized by a tough outer tunic made of the polysaccharide cellulose. Ascidians are found all over the world, usually in shallow water with salinities over 2. The invasive sea squirt, styela clava, has been found in new zealand. It is also known as the club tunicate, clubbed tunicate, asian sea squirt, leathery sea squirt, or pacific rough sea squirt. Incredible shopping paradise! Newest products, latest trends and bestselling itemsfrozen sea squirtkorean food, items from singapore, japan, korea, us.

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